video of Offa bank robbery surfaces online

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 The alleged closed-circuit television footage of the Offa bank robberies has surfaced online.

It may be recalled that on Thursday, April 5, armed robbers invaded a handful of banks in Offa, Kwara State, killing many

Among the victim banks were the Union Bank, EcoBank, Guarantee Trust Bank, First Bank, Zenith Bank and Ibolo Micro Finance Bank.

The video was posted online by News Bytes. However, The PUNCH  cannot vouch for the authenticity of the video as of the time of this report.

The video opens with two persons suspected to be security men running away from sounds of gunshots.

Then in commando style, some shooters suspected to be robbers run into the premises, shooting as they do so.

Just then, a woman holding a child hears the gunshots and quickly runs off.

The slightly over four-minute video goes on to detail shootings as the suspects take positions around the entrance of the venue of the robbery.

A haze of cloud regularly wafts through the atmosphere, suspected to be the effects of the blowing up of the entrances with dynamites — as later alleged by security men and eyewitness.

Muffled conversations that seem like exchange of instructions can be heard, even as one of the invaders hurriedly leaves something on the window of the security post. The window explodes in a haze of cloud.

The suspects, satisfied that the coast is clear, pick their bags and run towards a place suspected to be the entrance into the main building.

They keep running up and down the compound as the video tapers to a close.

This is the video:

Source: Punch

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