The Unseen Conquering Power of President Jonathan

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If you live within or around Northern Nigeria, you might want to go find a safe haven till after the Presidential election. Virtually all the acts of terror perpetuated in Northern Nigeria are aimed at halting the progress of the government and I’m sure you are all aware that the tempo of Islamic extremist actions have risen at an unprecedented rate and with unregulated crescendo due to the fact that they never wanted a non-Northerner and non-Muslim as president, I remember very vividly that a countless number of Northern leaders including the ageing Adamu Ciroma threatened to make the country ungovernable if they don’t produce the President in 2011, they have lived up to that but unfortunately for them, they have been the victims of their own machinations.

It took GEJ a long time to realise that they meant business by their threats and spent the early days of his government bothering about it until he was told that the only way they will stop their evil acts is if he leaves and then a Northerner and Muslim takes over.

To make it very clear, GEJ will spend all his terms as President irrespective of how well the Northerners and their APC cohorts from the South strive. Quitting to please some unscrupulous elements will amount to betrayal and monumental capitulation.

Some have asked me about Muslim/Muslim, Christian/Christian or Herbalist/Herbalist Presidency; as far as I’m concerned, this isn’t meant to be an issue but in a densely polarised society as ours, it won’t be an easy endeavour; the only possibility that can scale through peacefully is Muslim/Muslim ticket because Christians will never go on the street to kill anyone because they are not in the presidency but no single Muslim in Nigeria will tolerate a Christian/Christian Presidency……….all hell will let loose. I remember quite vividly how the Sultan of Sokoto who is the President of the Islamic council and the late respected Secretary General, Late Dr Lateef Adegbite of blessed memory led other prominent Muslims to Aso Rock to protest what they called the marginalization of Muslims in GEJ government despite how obvious it is that they were not marginalised; if it then come to Non-Muslim/Non-Muslim Presidency, we would better leave what the result will be to our imaginations.

Bringing religion to politics is always a very sensitive issue and I try as much as I can to avoid talking about it but there are times when silence isn’t golden and that doesn’t mean that I’m against any religion or tribe but this is our story in Nigeria. After GEJ’s second term, if the next set of leaders that I want fall within Muslim/Muslim domain, I will support them absolutely but I will never advocate for a Christian/Christian Presidency, it will bring the country to extinction in days due to the kind of actions and reactions that will erupt from northern Nigeria…………..

Please look out for my article titled; The unimaginable destiny of an uncommon Ijaw man and the unseen conquering power………watch out (it’s going to be very controversial but absolutely real and sacrosanct)

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