PDP Must Reform Itself

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The Peoples Democratic Party must reform itself to be well positioned for transformation and resuscitation. The present exodus from the party is a welcome development which is an effortless way of ridding the party of political jobbers so it could strategically reposition itself for the future.

I had wished the change Nigerians have clamoured for is a real one and seen to be such, unfortunately, it’s still the continuation of the present. The super stars of the APC are the same people who have either made or marred the PDP in the past but have chosen to pitch their tents elsewhere. They have not necessarily been born again but have chosen to play the game on a new front and ground. When I look at the incoming government, I see those I’m used to, those that have flown the flag of PDP in the past but now flying another flag, they can ‘t bring any meaningful change from what we have at the moment; such people as;

Atiku – founding member of PDP who have spent more than 14yrs of the last 16yrs in PDP
Kwankwaso – Spent more than 15yrs of the last 16yrs in PDP
Bukola Saraki – (might be Senate President) – spent more than 15yrs of the last 16 yrs in PDP
Masari – Was speaker under PDP and have mostly been with PDP, now an APC governor
Rotimi Amaechi – Spent more than 15yrs of the last 16yrs in PDP
Segun Oni – now APC Deputy Chairman – was a PDP governor and Adviser under OBJ and a member of PDP up till last year February
Olagunoye Oyinlola – Governor under PDP, one time National Sec
Rochas Okorocha – Past Presidential aspirant in PDP and served as adviser in PDP under Obj
Obasanjo – Now the main adviser for APC; he was the highest benefactor of PDP and a major source of PDP shortcomings

Whenever I see these guys in APC at the top echelon; I find it difficult to believe in whatever change people are talking about.

PDP as a party hasn’t completely lived up to expectation and we take the blame for that, we were too complacent and filled with charlatans who have now departed the party; we must reflect on our past and start on a clean slate.

On whether past public office holders should be probed; yes, it should be the norm, people should be made to give account of stewardship and anyone seen to have erred should be adequately punished irrespective of political affiliation, position or rank. If you’ve taken anything that does not belong to you, you must return it. Past public office holders should be questioned about their wealth but that shouldn’t be the duty of the government because it can be so distractive and inhibit service to the people; an independent body should be allowed to handle this, such body should not be partisan and should have no affiliation to the presidency just like INEC, that is when it could really be effective. Probe all PDP members if need be but if I don’t see the following APC members come under probe, I will see the whole process as vindictive and mere witch hunt; Bola Tinubu (now one of the richest in Africa), Rotimi Amaechi, Bukola Saraki, Sanusi Lamido, Kayode Fayemi and Gov Rabiu to start with……..

Every activity of the incoming government will be scrutinized by me whether some of my friends like it or not, they’ve called me so many names but that define them as the kind of people who are ready to fight you or kill you when you are not saying things that please them. I don’t know anywhere in the world where opposition sing the praises of their opponents. Some have unfriended me and some are planning to do so, those that leave are not worthy of my friendship and I will let them go for good.

This time tomorrow, we would have been out of government but not out of relevance. Wish the incoming government well and Nigerians Goodluck.

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