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If we want to stay united as a nation in Nigeria which I do not think is a good idea anymore, we must change our name. The name Nigeria despite its lofty rhythmic sound and orthographic embellishment, it has become an abyss of all sorts invoking, fear, hatred, suspicion and animosity whenever it’s mentioned.

Just because we are playing Scotland today in a “moi moi” friendly match, crime watch has put Scotland Yard at red alert having a premonition that we might fix the match just because of our antecedents; I don’t blame them, they are only being proactive and in essence trying to save us from the shame and disgrace of an eventual occurrence.

I’m no longer a fan of a united Nigeria, I stand to gain nothing from it and we do not have a sincere purpose to such effect.
Hausas want a Hausa man, the Igbos same and the Yorubas are not sure of what they want except what their twisted self acclaimed leaders; Tinubu et al tell them and we think this is the right coloration and pedestal that unity can thrive on?

Solution: break up and start all over again. No matter your speed and acceleration, if you are heading towards the wrong direction, you are going nowhere and it even takes you farther away from your destiny. We’ve been travelling in the wrong direction for more than 50 years; if we don’t make a U turn now, we will continue to travel endlessly in the wilderness of nowhere.

We can’t blame God, he’s done everything for us and gave us all we need to become one of the greatest nations around but we seem to be less deserving of such benevolence.
We had steel and we came up with Ajaokuta, such a terrific and tremendous stride but where is Ajaokuta today and what benefit did we derive from it? None, except for the corrupt few who diverted the funds for the project for personal benefit.
We have oil in excess but it has remained a curse to us; every nation that discovered oil has made a turnaround of their nation with it but we have become worse for our own discovery; everything that has worked for good elsewhere has Nigeria as an exemption. If something is not wrong with us then we are definitely wrong with something.

You might want to say that I’m not a patriotic Nigerian because of my writings; you all that are patriotic, we’ve seen what you’ve all done.

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