It is not yet late to tackle extremism

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GEJ is too merciful; he needs to learn from Benjamin Netanyahu on how to deal with extremists or terrorists. No hiding place for evil perpetrators; if you say your religion permits you to compromise other people’s security or kill people with impunity, be rest assured that you will be consumed alongside such religion.

Allahu Akbar which is usually translated as “God is great” is a chant that should normally bring you relief or reprieve in times of danger, distress or in moments of sane victory but it has been desecrated that today, when you hear Allahu Akbar, you are certainly sure that something evil or sinister is happening around you WHY???????????

Islamic extremists are so few compared to the majority peace loving Muslim population but they have hijacked the religion simply because, the peace loving Muslims who know these extremist either feel powerless to suppress their views or activities or by their deafening silence tend to lend credence to their activities.

I’m not anti any religion but we all know the issues we face these days and how challenging survival has become; everywhere you look into today, there are threats of extremists claiming to be working for God and because we don’t want to be politically seen as being against a particular group, we all tend to be silent about it. The earlier we start talking about these issues and deliberating upon them, the better for us all.

This might not be a popular view and I might have offended so many people by this, I’m sorry but we need to start talking about this if we must overcome it.

قد سلام الله عاتق لنا جميعا وجعل عالمنا السلمي مرة أخرى. السلام عليكم

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