Making your potentials count

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I most times wonder if the world we live in has the ability to make all of its inhabitants happy, successful, fulfilled and contended. Most times I come up with a “NO” as the answer to my pondering considering the complexity of the environment we are encompassed with and the stringent inclination of its subjects such that is seen to be technically evasive (we tend to skip some aspects of life that are vital for success hoping that we can breakthrough using a blurred shortcut).

In my opinion and from my findings, I realise that we can all be successful and fulfilled if we really know what is expected of us and how best to domesticate such. We all have some latent potentials in us which make us all unique and distinct. All of these potentials are required to make our world the perfect system that we all crave for but a good number of people have decided not to harness these potentials and as a result has deprived us of the opportunity to connect to such to make a complete design of the platform that needs all of the potentials in all of us to operate at its optimal level.

We have been lucky to have quite a few who have taken the pain to discover their own potentials, harnessed it and refine it to create and add values to the lives of others and we all have been relying on this meagre exploit rather than been involved in the process of creating these values so that we can all compliment one another, synergizing ideas, skills, disposition and discoveries for the benefit of mankind.
The least of all human creatures in existence has something useful to impact this world with if only he or she can be magnanimous enough to find out what it is.

There are people who do not really know how to harness the potentials in them. These people can be helped by a group of people I call, “People Developer”. They have the required skills to make people function at their best by making them realise their purpose and mentor them through the process of self actualization. If you fall within the group of those who do not know how to make things work with the knowledge you have acquired, you need to find someone in the group of People Developer to guide you through. The best you can do to yourself and the society is to seek help when you are confused and the worst is to die in abject silence.

To be successful in life, you will need to make the first step towards advancement and growth and people may then come your way to help you through if your strength fails along the way, but no one will look in your direction if you have not ventured into doing anything as that will make you completely insignificant, unnoticeable and complete failure. You may most of the times need to suppress your personal ego because you may have to go to someone lower than you in all realm to seek solution. It does not matter who guides you through so long as that is what is required for self attainment of purpose.

We cannot all be equally rich or prosperous, but we can all be fulfilled and happy if we invest in ourselves and also strive to help others to attain their goals and desires in life.

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