A Letter to The Younger Generation

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When we were growing up in those days, Nigeria was not as this devastating and heartbreaking but the situation then was not anywhere near being pleasant. We were less bothered at the turn out of events thinking that when it gets to our turn, we will appease the deity and chart a new course mapping out a new direction for the nation. We were absolutely wrong at such conception, the events of recent times have clearly proven this.

We watched our nation being mauled, abused, mortgaged and destroyed by the wicked few which singular aim was to enrich themselves and plunge what is left of the nation into the river of oblivion. We have always believed that staying quiet and making peaceful entreaties and overtures are the only sine qua non to national peace, unity and prosperity, in this also, we were wrong.

I have always known since I was 10 that everything was wrong with our entity and I could read from people’s countenances that life wasn’t a golden adventure to them but remained religiously positive that when there is life there is hope. I share this sentiment also but I do not believe that doing nothing to avert and demystify the callousness of some individuals would bring about a blissful future that is hoped for. It is required that you consciously work for the better future of your dream. Life is not magnanimous enough to throw fortunes at you in a relenting and compromising mode, you need to take charge and define the output you crave.

If you relent in the days of adversity, you shall be utterly vanquished.
I would implore the younger generation not to fold their arms and watch the future blown off, they should learn to speak against every form of satanic manoeuvring, despotic appearances and malicious manipulations.
The brighter future we hoped for this country yesterday is what we have today which is almost worse than then because we didn’t do anything to make it better. We should learn to domesticate and apply all of our imaginations and completely keep the bad elements in our society at bay.

We are not quite lucky to have a strong uniting force; we are divided across ethnic and language barriers, religious disparity and dissenting lack of trust. therefore, we will need to consciously build a borderless community that eschew hatred, bitterness, rancour and acrimony where we can truly live as a united body regardless of our differences.

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