When I met Buhari as a 5 year old Boy in Okene

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A personal experience that can be used freely for publication and academic endeavour:
I still cannot understand where all these attributes and encomiums APC supporters are showering on Buhari are from. For the fact that Buhari is not disputing them shows how less sincere he is. I will tell you little about Buhari as I viewed him as a kid.

I met Buhari as a person when I was just 5 years old when my dad took me along on an invitation to the palace of the Late Ohinoyi of Ebiraland, HRH Late Sanni Omolori where Buhari came to pay a working visit. As a kid; I was less enthusiastic about going with my dad because I wanted to play football with friends who normally come to the compound of CAC Oke Itura, Idare Quarters Okene; my dad was then the supervising pastor of CAC in Okene and environs.

At the Ohinoyi’s palace, Buhari walked in to the admiration of everyone, an act that is synonymous with the visit of any leader as a sign of respect. He sat quite close to the Ohinoyi and he presented his welcome address, I sincerely don’t know what the oba said or what Buhari’s response were, I wasn’t interested as a kid; just wanted the whole stuff done with so we can go back home but the followings were some of the things I still have in my memory of that visit:
· He was all smiles throughout the event that lasted for between 10 to 15 minutes which was quite good though no one else was smiling
· Throughout the event, he kept no eyes contact with nobody not even us the kids around, he looked laid back and appeared to be struggling to come to terms with why he was there or why he was the leader in the first place. He lacked enthusiasm and looked like he needed help despite being a military leader; no wonder he remains the only military head of state that was deposed with less force or tactics in the history of Nigeria. History had it that those who went to remove him from Dondan Barrack were told they could actually carry out the operation without shooting any bullet or hurting anyone. Those who planned the event were those around him yet he had no clue of it. Babangida, Domkat Bali, Ibrahim Alfa, Abacha, Dongoyaro et al couldn’t believe their luck and how easy a change of military regime could be; most military officers lost respect for him for that and felt he really deserved being replaced
· There was nothing as a child that made me feel that being at that event was a privilege or opportunity as there was no learning opportunity I could deduce from the visit; I was not motivated, I didn’t feel like “ohhh, I will like to be like him” which I believe was the underlying reason my dad dragged me along.
If Buhari as a young adult couldn’t impress a 5 year old boy, at 73, I would rather he just stay back and enjoy good time with his grandchildren and leave governance to those that can handle it.

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