The End is Near; To Thy Tents O Nigerians

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Just to quickly let everyone know that military intervention will not bring the Chibok girls back home alive. They are basically being used as sex slaves, domestic servants and most prominently as human shield. The best military action can achieve is to kill everyone and come home with their bodies which is worse than letting those girls stay back till they can work out a way of escape for themselves.

This might serve as a crazy suggestion but I know the Nigerian military inside out, they cannot bring the girls home alive but they are well capable of bringing their corpse which is not what anyone wants. It is not as easy as people on the streets are imagining. Intelligence gathering is zero, surveillance procedure is archaic and personnel combat skills are just as good enough for a street riot.

When we ought to have fought these bad elements and silence them forever, we were all pointing fingers and scoring cheap political points; if you won’t mind me saying this, it’s almost too late to do anything. Islamic extremism is endemic and unconquerable through warfare; their fighters simply want to end their lives as martyrs and more than happy to die, it doesn’t make so much of sense fighting someone whose primary end goal is to die in the course of fighting for Allah so as to claim seven virgins. What we can do is to stop the radicalization of young Muslims and let them just embrace the conventional Islamic theory of peace.

If we continue like this, there won’t be elections in the North in 2015 and that’s sine qua non to chaos. GEJ would likely be the last president of a pseudo-united Nigeria (we’ve never been united). We have lost the little unity that we have and have also lost the path to reconciliation; we can either just end it all amicably (to thy tents o Israel) or manage it till it collapses on us all, that will be too costly. My last advice to the North is simply that, they should keep and protect Abuja, that’s all they’ve got renaming for now and there is no hope for them to have anything better, majority of their agile youths have either been killed fighting on the side of Boko Haram or wasting away in Sambisa forest, most schools have been deserted and burnt down, the future is really bleak for that region and it’s sad that their leaders and politicians still don’t realise this.

I have got a number of invitations to meet to pray for Nigeria; let me say that this is no longer necessary and I will not attend, we have prayed and we still remain the most praying nation in the world, we only need to come together, bid ourselves farewell and then start all over again wherever we find ourselves. It is too late to save Nigeria, not redeemable. We should just split after the world cup in Brazil.

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