El-rufai is a mucous you can mistake for a vanilla ice cream – Shehu Sani ; the battle continues 

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The lingering battle between the Governor of Kaduna state, El-rufai and Senator Shehu Sani is assuming another dimension as they trade tirade on social media. Below is the latest post by Shehu Sani on his Facebook page.

Since we came to office on May 29th 2015,Elrufai’s Kaduna APC held about 8 Press conferences and all the 8 Press conferences were about ‘suspending Shehu Sani’ or ‘confirming the suspension of Shehu Sani’ or “ratifying the suspension of Shehu sani” or ‘affirming the suspension of Shehu sani’.It has ridiculously reached to a point that each time Kaduna journalist are invited by Elrufai’s Kaduna APC is to write the repeated story of Shehu Sani’s suspension.I have been so Suspended by Elrufai’s men to the point that my car may not need suspenders again.Iam also thinking of opening a private chemistry school to teach students on suspension.I remembered my elementary chemistry where suspension is defined as “A heterogenous mixture in which the solute particles do not dissolve but get suspended throughout the bulk of the medium” I’m proud to be suspended by Elrufai,a serpent in the caravan of change.

El-rufai is a mucous you can mistake for a vanilla ice cream.
El-rufai and Shehu Sani

Kaduna APC is a congregation of political appointees of Mr Governor,they want him to sleep,snore and fart without noise from Shehu .If my repeated suspension will earn our Governor a shirt in the Nigerian or American BasketBall team, I’ll be happy.The very Elrufai’s Kaduna APC that accused Shehu of disrespecting the “party” is the same one that reigned insults and abuses against the National Vice chairman North West who invalidated their cretinous vituperation.They are the same people who don’t recognize and respect any Commitee set up by the national secretariat of the party including one headed by Katsina State Governor Masari.Their suspension ends in the executive W/C and then the cesspit hole of their Government House where it will converge with the outcome of Suya,Pap and Beans cake meal.
Paying Herdsmen not to attack people in Southern Kaduna and paying the ‘Excos’ of kaduna APC to suspend Shehu sani is where kaduna state quota of the federal allocation is spent.
Elrufai gets his political advice from an adviser who serves as his apprentice,who has never won an election;a serial lickspittle,a duffer,a clownish bafoon.A man so chronically despised and dismissed by even the cabinet members of his government and the party members in the state.Elrufai has become a hostage of an “advicer” who continuously extort money from the Government in the name of either recalling or suspending Shehu.A project that makes no impact than continuously rubbishing the Governor.

Some people said I overreact to Elrufai but it’s not true.I’m been mild.Elrufai is a stinking 16 year unwashed and dirty underwear of the PDP inherited and deodorized by the APC instead of been taken to the laundry.He is a mucous you can mistake for a vanilla ice cream.He is a heap of excrement you may mistake for a bar of chocolate.He once licked the anus and sniffed the fart of Obasanjo to prove his loyalty.He once licked the Anus and sniffed the fart of Atiku to prove his loyalty;Now he is doing so for Baba.An accidental Governor permanently consigning his state in the emergency ward of pervasive insecurity.A man with perfidious history and patented habit of kneeling down to blow the organs of his masters to prove his fidelity.
Shehu sani is “Unsuspendable”

I dey Kampe,even when I climbed Kufena mountain I still dey Kampe.Try another thing this one can’t silence ZA Comrade.

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