Donald Trump Transition in Turbulence

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Donald Trump’s turbulent transition already suggests that the instinctive off-the-cuff leadership style that powered his outsider campaign is a prototype of the impromptu approach he will adopt from inside the Oval Office.

He hires people, he fires people, he sets them against one another, he says things and takes them back, with the chaos often unfolding in real time on cable TV. It happened in the campaign and there’s no reason to think his presidency won’t be the same.

Mike Rogers leaves Trump transition team

Trump has only been President-elect for a week. But he’s already dismembered the team that under Chris Christie spent months preparing the transition and put his future vice president Mike Pence in charge. He’s set up future competing power centers in his White House, including son-in-law and close adviser Jared Kushner, who is at the center of the effort against Christie, sources say. And though he’s been restrained on social media, Trump has still fired off contradictory tweets on protests against him and the Electoral College.
It’s clear the President-elect is just getting started.
Trump is the only person elected to the top job without political, diplomatic or military executive experience. And he ran a campaign rooted in breaking the mold of the gridlocked capital city. So no surprise that Trump is already approaching his presidency in an unorthodox manner.
Source: CNN

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