Airline Employees Quit After Footage Shows A Pilot Doing THIS!

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Two Indonesian airline executives have reportedly resigned after footage surfaced showing one of the company’s pilots staggering through checkpoints on his way to a commercial flight.

ABC News reports that the airline, Citilink, initially denied that the pilot was intoxicated. However, according to The Guardian, the company’s president director and production director eventually both accepted responsibility and resigned.

“The pilot had committed serious violation of standard operation procedure that endangered passengers,” said Albert Burhan, one of the executives. “I have to be responsible for that and therefore I and my production director resign.”

In the controversial footage, linked below, pilot Tekad Purna appears to have difficulty standing upright and drops several items on his way through a security checkpoint.

Remarkably, officials not only let Purna through the checkpoint – they let him into the cockpit. Eventually, passengers began rioting when they heard him over the plane’s PA. Some left the plane for fear the pilot would not be removed.

Video uploaded to YouTube reportedly shows the ensuing commotion in the cockpit.

The Guardian reports that Purna has since been fired and is under investigation for drunkenness or drug use. Should he be found guilty, his flying license would be revoked.

This incident has drawn considerable attention online. On Reddit, for instance, word of the executives’ resignation quickly rose to the top of the r/WorldNews subreddit.
“Those guys just acted like it was funny and just let him go on his way to get into the cockpit,” wrote one commenter, referring to the airport officials in the controversial video.

Another suggested their inaction was because “pilots tend to outrank almost everyone else they see in the airport, either officially or culturally.”


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