Aggressive Secularism

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The British community has since adopted secularism as against its traditional Christian beliefs and to make situation worse, aggressive secularism now rules all domain of UK and even the American prairies.

Whatever the parliaments do is consistent with the disposition and conviction of modern Britain which are practically against the definitions of Christian statues and injunctions and the primary reasons for those acts are to redefine biblical injunctions. Christianity in UK has now been subjected to both social and political ridicule simply because Christianity embraces peace, tolerance and long suffering; strongly against rancour and acrimony which are sine qua non to chaos. That’s why you will never hear anyone make a mockery of the Islamic faith in public because the consequences of such are far reaching and grievous.

Our simple responsibility is to make sure our children are well nurtured and that we should have so much influence on them that will make them more susceptible to what we teach them at home to what are systemically inscribed in their minds in school which are inimical to God’s purposes for them.

As Christians, we cannot continue to remain silent; we should speak against what is not according to the will of God; we can openly speak against guy relationships and if you are accused, tell them they are not your words but what God says in the bible which your believe in and because you have the right to practise your religion and abide by the tenets and doctrine of such; you are not liable under any law for that.

God help us all.

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