30-Year-Old Reports Mother For Kicking Him Out Of Her House

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The curious case of a 30-year-old Mexican man Christian Uriel has left many shocked after he allegedly reported his mother to authorities for kicking him out of her house.

His mother is said to have thrown him out because he didn’t want to get a job or at least help with chores. He is reported to have been living at his mother’s house for months, free of charge, without contributing to the family budget or even helping out with chores.

Uriel last Wednesday accused his mother and aunt of assault and harassment before the Mexican Prosecutor’s Office.

In his testimony, he claimed that the two women beat him out of the house and also threw water on him.

On her part, Uriel’s mother told the court that she was more than glad to help out her son when he came to live with her at the beginning of the coronavirus pandemic as he had lost his job.

She started getting irked when four months in and all he was doing was playing video games all day and sitting on the couch.

To make matters worse, the 30-year-old man didn’t help with anything and expected everything to be served to him.

She advised him to get a job after Mexico started recovering from the lockdown and businesses started re-opening in order to help with the family budget but he ignored her.

The woman admitted that in an act of desperation she called her sister and together they threw Christian out of the house, pouring water on him and hitting him with brooms.

According to a local newspaper El Comercio, Uriel’s grievance is the way his mother and aunt threw him out and that is why he filed a complaint.

The court has yet to make a ruling in this case.

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