Donald Trump Transition in Turbulence

Donald Trump’s turbulent transition already suggests that the instinctive off-the-cuff leadership style that powered his outsider campaign is a prototype of the impromptu approach he will adopt from inside the Oval Office. He hires people, he fires people, he sets them against one another, he says things and takes them back, with the chaos often unfolding in real time on…

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London Croydon tram crash: Driver was ‘three times over speed limit’

The tram that derailed in Croydon killing seven people was travelling at three and a half times the speed limit, investigators have said. The Rail Accident Investigation Branch (RAIB) said the tram, which was carrying about 60 people, was travelling at 43.5mph in a 12mph zone. In its interim report, it said there was no evidence of any track defects,…

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